History Workshop at Queens' on Universities and the Atlantic Slave Trade

In September 2022, Andrew Thompson and Gareth Atkins will be convening a workshop at Queens' to discuss how universities shaped and were shaped by the transatlantic slave world in the long eighteenth century. Generously supported by the DAAD Cambridge Hub and the G.M. Trevelyan Fund, Education, Enlightenment, Empire: Anglo-German Universities in the Transatlantic Slave World, c. 1700-1850 will bring together anglophone and German scholars to discuss universities as places where artefacts and knowledge about empire were gathered and passed on; where connections were made among business families, abolitionists, missionaries and other imperial agents; and where memories of slavery and abolition still have force today.

This video conversation showcases the research already being done around this important subject by Alice Whitehead, John Freeman and the Legacies of Slavery working group at Queens'. It also aims to provide a foretaste of next year's workshop.

To learn more, visit https://www.daad.cam.ac.uk/workshops/education-enlightenment-empire-anglo-german-universities-and-the-transatlantic-slave-world-c-1700-1850