Academic Saturday 11th October

This Saturday we are hosting a full day of special lectures and presentations by College Fellows and speakers covering a broad range of subjects including Artificial Intelligence, Architecture, Engineering and Poetry.

 To attend the full day there is a cost of £35 (lunch included); however, students are welcome to drop in to


Highlights include:


 Mr Karim Khalil QC (1980)

 The Science of Soham


Professor Clare Bryant

Why cats make you sneeze

Captain Ian Massey (2004)

Helmand and the ‘Angrez’: a young officer’s perspective on the British involvement in Afghanistan

15.20 – 16.20

Dr Demis Hassabis (1994) 
Understanding Intelligence

To book for the full day please ring the Development Office +44 (0)1223 331944 by Friday 27th September 2014 to reserve your place.