Senior Tutor


Dr Andrew Thompson

Email: senior.tutor@queens.cam.ac.uk


Undergraduate Tutors


Tutors provide support for students with specific academic related problems.  Tutors liaise with Directors of Studies, the University and with Faculties and Departments on the student's behalf.  They are involved in processes such as funding for academic travel; supervision issues; change of course requests; underperformance; examination issues (including allowances); academic discipline; fitness to study; intermission and return to standing.


Dr Federica Paddeu

Email: fip20@cam.ac.uk


English, Geography, History/History & MML/History & Politics, History of Art, Modern & Medieval Languages (MML)


Dr Gareth Atkins

Email: ga240@cam.ac.uk

Law, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine

Revd Anna Jones

Email: ahr23@cam.ac.uk

Land Economy, Mathematics, Medicine, Psychological & Behavioural Sciences and Foundation Year

Dr Andrew Zurcher

Email: aez20@cam.ac.uk


Archaeology, Architecture, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Anglo-Saxon Norse & Celtic, Classics, Economics, Education, Human, Social & Political Sciences, Linguistics, Management Studies, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion

Dr Ana Rossi

Email: amr50@cam.ac.uk

Computer Science, Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering


Postgraduate Tutors


Professor Clare Bryant

Email: ceb27@cam.ac.uk


Prof Andrew Marsham




Dr Howard Jones

Email: hrnj1@cam.ac.uk


Prof Ioanna Sitaridou 

Email: is269@cam.ac.uk


Prof Graham Denyer Willis

Email: gdw27@cam.ac.uk


Dr Ana Rossi

Email: amr50@cam.ac.uk

Mst in Construction Engineering