Undergraduate Freshers

Dear first year undergraduates,

Welcome to Queens' College and the University of Cambridge. Each year, Freshers' Week at Queens' College is designed to celebrate your admission into the college and to help you settle into college and academic life. This year, our programme is set out to accomplish these goals while respecting the need to keep our community—including students, staff, fellows, and local residents—safe.

This programme features talks, meetings, and workshops with fellows, staff, and students. Some of these sessions will be held in person with your household, while other sessions will happen online. We have also created a series of online videos that are available for you to watch on Moodle, the University's online learning platform. These videos feature fellows, staff and students sharing important information about both living in and studying at Queens'.

Of course, we recognise that this year's programme does not feature formal and social events that would normally be expected during Freshers' Week. However, this outcome is absolutely necessary to ensure that we minimise any further disruption to college life and your studies in Cambridge.



Memorandum of Understanding (return to admissions@queens.cam.ac.uk)