Funding, scholarships & awards for postgraduate applicants

The College offers financial support directed towards the educational and research activities of its postgraduate student community through a number of postgraduate studentships and grants.

Queens' College offers the following postgraduate studentships, (please note the John Lawrence and Stephen Thomas studentships are only available once every three years).

Abba Eban Scholarship - open to applicants commencing an MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies, International Relations, History or related fields, concentrating in the area of Middle Eastern Studies (expected to be available October 2025).

Ajit Singh Janeway Institute Scholarship - open to applicants commencing a PhD in Economics (expected to be available Oct 2025).

Alexander Crummell Scholarshipsopen to UK-domiciled science students showing academic excellence, with no (or little) award of funding from elsewhere. Priority will be given to students from disadvantaged/non-traditional backgrounds and students with Black or Black-Mixed ethnicity.

Aliki Vatikioti Postgraduate Studentship in Music - open to applicants commencing a PhD in Music.

Amma Kyei-Mensah Scholarships - aimed at postgraduates studying Medicine-related course. A preference may be given to those studying neuroscience and/or from access backgrounds.

Cambridge Trust Awards - open to students from Overseas and the European Union (excluding the United Kingdom) who have been accepted for admission at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Liu Chak Wan Scholarships - open to Macao University of Science & Technology graduates who have gained admission to postgraduate (Master's level only) degree programmes at the University of Cambridge.  

Instrumental Awards Scheme - an intercollegiate scheme promoting chamber music amongst undergraduates and postgraduates, offered by the Faculty of Music. Apply through the University.

John Lawrence Studentship - open to PhD applicants from Africa, Latin America or Asia (next available Oct 2024).

Machin Studentship - open to PhD applicants who will be studying in any field of science (next available Oct 2024).

Polkinghorne Studentship - open to applicants commencing an MPhil in Theology, Religion and the Philosophy of Religion (next available Oct 2024).

Redress Solutions PLC LLM Studentship - open to applicants commencing a LLM (Master of Law).

Sigmund Sternberg LLM Studentship - open to applicants commencing a LLM (Master of Law).

Stamps Scholarships - open to PhD applications from the USA.

Stephen Thomas Studentship - open to overseas PhD applicants in Engineering or Computer Science (next available Oct 2024).

The Lisa Hall Scholarship - open to Ph.D applicants in STEM subjects (expected to be available October 2027).

Sir David Walker AHRC Scholarship  - open to postgraduates studying Arts and Humanities subjects.

Yen Ming Deh Scholarship - open to applicants commencing an MPhil or a PhD course in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from October 2024. 

For candidates who hold other awards, Queens' will adjust the actual value of its awards so as to ensure that the total package available to any recipient does not exceed the total annual costs of the course (including maintenance) published by the Postgraduate Admissions Office.

University Funding Search - details of all internal University, Dept and combined College funding awards (for students seeking funding for a new course of study).

Sources of financial support for current students can be found here.