Cashless Payment

The College uses a Cashless payment system called uPay.  As a student you are able to set up an account on line via the Website and once your account has been set up payment in the Bar, Buttery, Gift Shop and Porters Lodge can be made using your University Card.  The system will work on a debit basis so will require you to put money on to your account before any payment can be made.  Cash payment will still be accepted at all the above-mentioned places.

Activating your card and account

To activate your account:

  1. Using the internet go to
  2. Click on Create New Account.
  3. The Company ID for Queens’ College is 32
  4. Your User ID can be found on the back of your University Card in the bottom left hand corner, before the forward slash, (eg xy1234t). Now follow the on screen instructions.  You will be asked to enter an email address, please use your full CambridgeUniversity address here (e.g.
  5. An email will be sent to you (please note this can take 30minutes to 1hour, but is often much quicker).  Once the email is received go back to and use the Login option and enter the username and password given to you in the email.
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to create your account, including setting your personal password for subsequent use. 

Topping up your card

Once your account has been activated to put money onto your account:

  1. Log into using the Login option.  For Username use your Cambridge email address (e.g.  For Password use the password created when you activated your account.
  2. Select Card Top Up in the left hand menu
  3. There are now 2 options
    1. Pay as You Go – allows you to top up your account at any time.  Follow the on screen instructions in order to put money onto your account via your credit/debit card.
    2. Auto Top Up – allows you to automatically top-up your account with a pre- selected amount when your account balance falls below your pre-selected minimum from your registered credit/debit card.  Again follow the on screen instructions. 
  1. After an initial Top-Up to your account you can also add credit using the SMS Top-Up.  This allows you to top-up your account by sending a text content of DEMO28 and the last 4 digits of your registered debit/credit card to 81025 (DEMO28 1234).  To set up this option click on My Account Details, then Manage SMS auto top-up and follow the on screen instructions.

Managing your Account

Again by logging into your account on you can manage your account on line.  Using the menu on the left hand side you are able to:

  1. Check your account balance
  2. Top up your account
  3. Change your log in password and security question
  4. View statements that will show every transaction that has been processed using your cashless account, both top ups and what has been debited.

Using your Card

Cashless payments can be taken in the Bar, Buttery, Porters Lodge and Gift Shop.  When at the till you need to hand your University Card to the till operator who will then swipe it on the card reader.  This will debit the value of your purchase from your account.

 Please Note:

  1. In order to use your University Card for cashless payments you must have registered on and have also transferred funds onto your account.
  2. There is NO credit facility available through the cashless system.  If the total of your purchase is greater than the amount left on your card you will be required to pay the difference with cash.
  3. Cashless payments using you University Card can only be made at Queens’ College.