Finance and financial support

The University of Cambridge has lots of information on finances on their website

The college and the university are also able to offer a range of financial assistance packages to undergraduate students.

Cambridge Bursaries (up to £3,500 p.a. tenable for whole course) are open to all UK and EU undergraduate students and eligibility is subject to financial assessment. These are in addition to any government support, through tuition and maintenance loans and grants.

The Cambridge Trusts make awards to students from outside the European Union.

College Scholarships, Exhibitions and Prizes are awarded to undergraduates for academic excellence in examinations each year.

Grants for travel, the arts, sport and student support (as appropriate) are made to students towards expenses connected to university-related sporting and cultural activities. The College is also able to make small travel grants from designated funds. Students who encounter financial difficulty may also apply to the College for assistance. These funds are administered by the Senior Tutor and applications are made, in the first instance, to your individual Tutor.