By Car

Do NOT follow your Sat-Nav to Queen’s College!

Silver Street has a Bus Gate at its west end at the junction of Queen’s Road (the Backs), Sidgwick Avenue, and Newnham Road. Only buses and taxis may enter or leave Silver Street at this junction. Other vehicles passing through the Bus Gate may incur a penalty charge of £60.

Recommended route by road

  • Leave the M11 motorway at Junction 12 and follow the signs for Cambridge A603;
  • Follow this road, including a forced left-turn at traffic lights (at Grantchester Street) until you reach a roundabout;
  • At this roundabout, turn right (second exit) onto Fen Causeway, part of the Ring Road A1134;
  • At a mini-roundabout by the Royal Cambridge Hotel, turn left and keep in the left-most lane;
  • Go straight across an immediate second mini-roundabout (at Lensfield Road), to head north up Trumpington Street (20 mph limit);
  • Go straight across the Mill Lane/Pembroke Street junction (where most other traffic turns right);
  • At Silver Street, take a forced left turn (King’s Parade is closed to motor traffic);
  • Follow Silver Street over the River Cam: Queens’ College entrances are immediately on the right.
  • The vehicular entrance to Queens’ College is directly east of the Silver Street Bus Gate, through which you should not pass.

If you join the Ring Road A1134 at a different point, follow the Ring Road until you reach the junction of Lensfield Road and Trumpington Street, then turn north up Trumpington Street, as above.

Parking at College is limited, and by permit only. Please telephone the Porters on 01223 335511 to check arrangements before you set out, and call at the Porters’ Lodge on arrival to pick up a parking permit. Students may not park at College, nor keep a car in Cambridge.

On leaving the college by car, do not pass through the Bus Gate, but turn left onto Silver Street, and follow the route above in reverse, until you reach the Ring Road A1134.

Route map avoiding Bus Gate

For technical reasons owing to an issue with Google navigation, this map is displayed as a cycle route rather than a motor-vehicle route. For the same reason, sat-navs based on Google navigation will not be able to direct cars to Queen’s College by this route, despite it being the only possible vehicular route to the college.