Dr Marie Edmonds

Dr Marie Edmonds, MA, PhD. College Lecturer in Earth Sciences.

I direct studies for Queens' undergraduates taking NST Earth Sciences papers, and I also supervise 1A Earth Sciences and 1B Earth Sciences B.
My research deals with volatiles in magmas and volcanic processes. The eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat had begun in 1995 and much of my PhD was focussed on carrying out research and active monitoring of this eruption. I use microanalysis of phases in volcanic rocks to understand magma degassing and differentiation in the crust and outgassing of volatiles into the atmosphere. I am interested in how volcanic eruptions shape climate and our environment and their role in cycling volatiles through the Solid Earth system. My group’s field areas are currently the Main Ethiopian Rift, Hawaii, Montserrat (West Indies), Mount Etna (Italy) and Iceland.
I am Reader in volcanology, igneous petrology, and geochemistry in the Department of Earth Sciences. I teach 1B Igneous Petrology, and Volcanology at Part II and Part III. I supervise 2-3 part III MSci students every year for a research project and I typically have 2-4 PhD students working on a variety of topics within volcanology and petrology.
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