Interview dates and requirements

Overseas Interviews

There are some overseas interviews which are offered in different countries.

UK Interviews

If you are to be invited for interview, we will write to you later with details.  Interviews will take place in the first three weeks of December.

There are some subjects which issue their interview dates in advance. These are:

 Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Classics and Linguistics


 History of Art and Philosophy


 Theology and Religious Studies




We will try to give you as much detail as we can in advance of your interview but it is not always possible to tell you who will be interviewing you, so please do not ask us until nearer the date. Candidates from outside the UK who have indicated their willingness to come to Cambridge for an interview must understand that we cannot change interview dates to fit in with flights.

If you are not available* at any time during the interview period, it is essential that you inform us in writing, as soon as possible (if contacting us by email, please put your name, subject and ‘Interview’ in the subject field).  It is your responsibility (and not your school's) to inform us of this.  Otherwise, if you cannot attend on the interview date allocated to you, we may not be able to offer you an alternative.

*Possible exemptions are for important appointments only – e.g. hospital appointments, operations, exams or tests.  School theatre productions or holidays cannot be taken into account unless you have checked with us first.  Every year we have many disappointed students who do not inform us about these things and we have not been able to change their interviews.

Queens' has a policy of encouraging applications from candidates from all backgrounds and schools, including those with no prior experience of the Cambridge system.  To widen access, and ensure transparency in the admissions process, we occasionally invite schoolteachers to observe interviews.  The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate that there are no hidden agendas in the admissions process.  Teachers are only invited to sit in interviews for subjects where there are no applicants from their school.  They may be invited to ask one or two questions of the candidate, but we must emphasise that they play no role in the decision making process, which is entirely a matter for the Admissions Tutors.  We feel that this system helps to de-mystify the interview process for schools and applicants alike. If there is a teacher observor in your interview, then we will inform you before your interview.

Winter Pool

If Queens' is unable to accept you and yet we wish to pool your application, then you may be called for another interview from 13 January 2020 at Colleges which may be interested in taking you. It is wise therefore to keep these days free. If another College wishes to interview you, you will be told early in January, probably by telephone or e-mail.  If you cannot be contacted at the address on your UCAS form, please inform us before Christmas giving the address and, if at all possible, telephone number at which you can be contact from 10 January onwards.

If you have any queries that are not answered by the Cambridge University Admissions Website  or Queens’ College Admissions Website then please do contact us.

Things to Remember

  • Interview dates: You should let us know straight away if you have a date during the interview period when you cannot attend, even if you have already done so on your application
  • Modular A-levels: If you have taken or are currently taking modular A-levels we require you to send us an official breakdown of your UMS (e.g. listed on Exam Board or School headed paper or form.  It must contain your name and when you took the exams).
  • Transcripts and Language certificates: If you are taking non-UK qualifications or are currently at University, you must send us a complete transcript of all your latest academic qualifications if you have not already attached them to the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application or the Supplementary Application Questionnaire. If your first language is not English, you must send us details of any English language qualifications (e.g. a photocopy of an IELTS certificate that you have).

Our Data Protection Statement should be read when making an application. 

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