Sports Ground Procedures


Procedure For Users

1. Cuppers, League Fixtures (Football, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis)

All Captains should receive a fixture list from the relevant university body at the beginning of the season. Captains should then contact the Groundsman Mr Mark Reeder (e-mail or telephone (01223) 741270 to confirm:

  • that he has received a list of your fixtures
  • that he can provide pitches for your home matches
  • to book pitches, changing, shower and toilet facilities required.

The Groundsman requires 48 hours notice for all fixtures and practices.  All weekend fixtures to start at either 10.30 am or 1.30 pm unless otherwise agreed. All bookings for weekend matches must be received by 12.00 Noon Thursday. Other timings may be available for midweek fixtures, subject to the agreement of the Groundsman. 

2. Other Fixtures, Practice Matches, etc.

As soon as any fixtures additional to the Cuppers or League lists are arranged, the relevant Captain should contact Mr Mark Reeder:

  • to determine whether an appropriate pitch/practice area is available
  • to decide what pitch markings are required
  • to confirm whether changing/shower facilities will be required.

Note: This requirement includes use of the cricket nets for team practices.

3. Fixture Changes, Postponements, Cancellations

If any changes are made in the arrangements for any fixtures, practice matches, etc. it is the responsibility of the relevant Captain to inform Mr Mark Reeder immediately. Note that this duty is in addition to the requirement to inform any independent referees or other officials involved in the match.

4. Other Sports (Volleyball, Rounders, etc.)

Captains/organisers of other sporting events using the sports ground should contact Mr Mark Reeder as soon as dates and times have been decided:

  • to determine whether an appropriate pitch/practice area is available
  • to decide what pitch markings are required. Note: The requirement to inform Mr Reeder of any subsequent changes in arrangements (3. above) also applies to these events.

5. Casual Games

For casual games involving only a few people please check with Mr Reeder that the ground is fit and available and that there is space available.  However, please note that as with all use, Mr Reeder may close all or part of the ground if he considers conditions unfit.

6. Safety and Insurance

The sports ground should only be used for pre-booked organised sports, so that the Groundsmen know when there will be anybody on the ground, as there is a high risk of lone runners etc being run over with tractors or mowers.

The sports ground should not be used after dark as this can be very hazardous due to unseen obstacles.

A telephone is available at the sports ground for use in an emergency.

For any injury sustained whilst using the sports ground an accident report form must be completed and returned to the Bursar's Office.

The accident insurance policy for the ground covers use by members of Queens', Selwyn, King's and Robinson colleges, opposing teams and guests accompanied by a member of Queens', Selwyn, King's or Robinson.

7. Security

Players are responsible for their own valuables, which can be deposited with the groundsman or another nominated person before or during matches.  Safes are available in the King's & Selwyn pavilion changing rooms.

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