Professor David R Ward

David Robert Ward, MA, PhD. Professor of Particle Physics.

My interests include software and data analysis techniques, and I have been involved with a variety of projects. UA5 (1978-1987) – study of proton-antiprotons at record energies at the CERN SPS Collider OPAL (1983-2005) – Precision study of the Standard Model of Particle Physics at LEP. Special interests in QCD and W-boson properties. Software Coordinator and later Physics Coordinator for the experiment ILC and CALICE (2002-) – Studies for a proposed future e+e- Linear Collider. Special focus on calorimetry R&D. LHCb (2009-) – forward physics at the CERN LHC. Special interest in electroweak physics and QCD in a kinematic regime complimentary to other experiments.
  • Life Fellow