Professor Clare Bryant

Prof. Clare Bryant, MA, BSc (Southampton), BVetMed, PhD (London), MRCVS. Professor of Innate Immunity.


My supervisions are interactive and designed to help the student develop academic and transferable skills. The material covered includes working through past paper practicals, multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. Example classes on all aspects of the MODA/Pharmacology examinations are given each term. Feedback is given on all aspects of the work covered and model answers are given on the questions answered by the students for the supervisions. Supervision materials and model answers are made available after each supervision on our Pharmacology Moodle site.


I am one of few veterinarians who have a thriving research career whilst also working as a consultant in clinical pharmacology, as well as holding a significant teaching position. Maintaining the balance in Cambridge between research and teaching is challenging. Research is of critical importance to the University not least to provide a vibrant academic environment for students. My clinical role helps keeps me up to date with teaching needs and serves a useful function in this way. My current research is focused on understanding how bacteria are detected by the host (through Pattern Recognition Receptors) and how pathogen detection links to inflammatory diseases such as allergens. I work with Pietro Cicuta (Physics), Julia Gog (DAMTP) and Ray Goldstein (DAMTP) to study bacterial interactions with cells and respiratory tissues using mathematical modelling, optical tweezers and real-time imaging.


I have dual affiliation running a lab out of the Department of Medicine and the Department of Veterinary Medicine where I am Professor of Innate Immunity. I teach Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics to clinical veterinary students. I supervise a range of Part II projects and PhD students.

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