Dr Murray Milgate

Dr Murray Milgate, MEc (Sydney), MA (Essex), PhD. Keeper of Pictures.

Murray Milgate is co-editor and co-creator of the original New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (Macmillan) and the New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance, for which he shared Columbia University's Eccles Prize for Excellence in Economic Writing. His many books include: Capital and Employment (Academic Press); Keynes's Economics and the Theory of Value and Distribution (Oxford University Press); Critical Issues in Social Thought (Academic Press); The World of Economics (Macmillan); Ricardian Politics (Princeton University Press); After Adam Smith (Princeton University Press); and The Fall and Rise of Keynesian Economics (Oxford University Press). His After Adam Smith was awarded the Spitz Prize by the International Conference for the Study of Political Thought. He is a founding editor of the journal Contributions to Political Economy (Oxford University Press).
  • Life Fellow