Dr Laurence Tiley

Laurence Stephen Tiley, BSc (Manchester), PhD (Reading). Tutor for Graduate Students, Director of Studies in Medical and Veterinary Sciences.

As Director of Studies for Medical and Veterinary Science I organise all supervisions and in college teaching for undergraduate Medics and Vets. I personally supervise the 1B Pathology course, Biology of Disease. My supervisions are typically 2-3 students, and my objective is to identify areas of the course that my students find difficult and focus primarily on these. Supervisions are partly Q&A discussions and partly monologues where I emphasise and expand the important and interesting areas of the topic. Students are asked to prepare 5-10 minute presentations for some topics, which are then presented to their supervision group. I typically set three 40 minute essays per term based on Paper 3 questions from the past 5 years. I give brief verbal feedback during supervisions and identify factual errors and omissions on individual written answers. I also provide 'model' essay answers to illustrate the style and level of detail expected for the subject.
I am a Graduate Tutor and a member of the Fellowships Committee.
My current research focuses on: developing genetic modification strategies to suppress influenza virus infection and produce resistant breeds of chickens and pigs, we have already reported our first attempts using RNA decoys to disrupt polymerase activity in transgenic chickens; developing GM eggs with improved properties for virus isolation and vaccine production, this project is part of a consortium project investigating the wider aspects of innate immunity in chickens; using 'barcoded' influenza viruses to investigate the dynamics of mixed infections in cell culture and animal systems; studying the regulation of influenza virus transcription, I have a particular interest in the specific interaction of the viral polymerase with the 5’ end of the viral genome; characterising the role of HA mutations in cross-species adaptation of avian influenza to swine; analysing the role of innate immunity signalling pathways (NLCR4 and NIAP) in susceptibility to infection by salmonella; and screening chicken strains for expression of functional Mx protein.
I am a Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology in the Department of Veterinary Medicine where I lecture on various aspects of virology. In the Part II Pathology course, I teach and co-organise the Dynamics of Infectious Disease module, lecturing on virus-host co-evolution (myxomatosis) the principles of infectious disease. I lecture Year 4 Veterinary Medicine students on Influenza, Pestiviruses, Arboviruses, emerging viral infections, and biosecurity, and I also run a diagnostic practical session. I typically supervise 1-2 Part II Pathology students and 1-2 NST BBS Pathology dissertation students each year and I currently have one PhD student working with me.
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