Directory of Staff

Alumni & Development Office
Heath, Miss B. PA to the Development Director 331944  
Kitt, Mr R. Development Director 335564
Thompson, Mrs V. Deputy Development Director 768517
Crimlis-Brown, Mrs M. Communications & Fundraising 768521
Rigby, Mrs E. Gifts & Finance 746980
Johnson, Ms F. Events 761422
Butterfield, Ms L Database & Research 768512
 Thomas-Parkins, L Research & Stewardship 335582
Andrews, Ms C. Accounts Payable 335547 
King, Mrs R.J. Deputy Chief Clerk 768516
Loftus, Miss L.M. Bursars' Secretary 335520
Morley, Mr R.J. Chief Clerk 335529 
Pullen, Ms D. Accommodation Officer 768524
Rupesinghe, Mrs L. Bursary Clerk 768519
Symonds, Miss E. Student Finance Administrator 768520 
Fax for Bursarial staff 335566
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Email for Financial Office
Email for Student Bill enquiries
Email for University/College Fee enquiries
Email for Accommodation enquiries
Morber, Ms B. Events Coordinator 746762
Ryan, Mr T. Stock Controller 335593
Witherley, Mr J. Head Chef 769369
  Food Services Team 335595
Key, Mrs J. Conference & Catering Invoices  335619
  Catering and Conference Office 335592
Cox, Mrs A Catering & Conference Business Development Manager 335598
Wilson, Mr A.N. Head of Catering & Conferences 335591 
Email for Room Bookings
Email for Conference & Banqueting enquiries
College Gardener
Tyrrell, Mr S. Head Gardener 335560
College Nurse
Dellar, Mrs E. College Nurse 335578
College Union
Knights, Mr P.M. Boatman 740633
Reader, Mr M. Head Groundsman 741270
Rush, Mr I.  Asst Groundsman    
Wojciechowska, Mrs B. Team Leader 741272
Heath, Ms H. Head of Housekeeping 769474
Velazquez-Aguilar, Ms L,  Administrative Assistant 335585 
Fax for Housekeeper 335588 
Email for Housekeeping 
Human Resources
Cross, Mrs J. HR Officer and Payroll 769001
Hogg, Mrs J. HR Assistant 335518
Email for Payroll enquiries    
IT Department
Eddy, Mr A. M. Senior Computer Officer 331946
 Ward, Mr P. J. Computer Officer 746848
Eggington, T. J. College Librarian 335549
Leonard, Mrs M. Reader Services Librarian 335550
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Childs, Mrs S.J.  Maintenance Administrator  335513 
Pauley, Mr S. Head Of Maintenance 335513 
  Deputy Clerk of Works  335530 
Fax for Maintenance Department 331933 
Bullett, Mrs S. Nursery Head 335623
Hotz, Mrs C. Nursery Administrator 335623
Owlstone Croft
Owlstone Croft Office 741272
Fax for Owlstone Office 741724
Porters' Lodge
 Reynolds, Mr David Deputy Head Porter 335500
Jones, Mr Trevor Head Porter 335500
Tsangarides, Miss S.A. Receptionist 335500
Fax for Porters Lodge 335577
Email for Porter's Lodge 
Email for Head Porter 
President's Office
Lackenby, Ms S. President's Secretary 335556
Anwar-Khan, Mrs K. Admissions Assistant 335540
Calver, Mrs J. Tutorial Assistant (Thurs, Fri) 335571
Harris, Miss B. Deputy Head of Academic & Tutorial Services 331941
Hopper, Mrs K.E. Tutorial Assistant (Mon, Tues, Weds) 335571
Kneale, Ms R. Graduate Administrator 331796
Mahony, Mrs J. A. Head of Department 335601
McElroy, Ms M. School Liaison Officer 335540
Thomson, Mrs M. Senior Tutor's Secretary 335531
Nowak, Miss S. Admissions Coordinator (Undergraduate) 335540
Fax for Tutorial staff 335522
Email for Tutorial Office
Email for Tutorial Secretary
Email for Tutorial Administrator
Email for Undergraduate Admissions
Email for Graduate Admissions
Email for Graduate Administrator
Email for Supervision claim enquiries
Welfare Adviser
Geddis, Mr R. Welfare Adviser 335569
Schiller, Mrs J. Welfare Adviser 768660