Virtual tour of Queens' College

The Round

This is the view as you enter the College from the Porters lodge, known to College members as the Round. It is at the heart of the college on the 'new' side of the river. On this side of the river you'll find accommodation in Cripp's Court and Fisher Building, the main dining hall (Cripp's Dining Hall), the Fitzpatrick auditorium, the bar, the gym, squash courts and a variety of seminar spaces. From here you can use the Mathematical Bridge to cross to the 'old' side of the college where you'll find more accommodation, the library, the chapel, Old Hall and Old Kitchens.

Old Library

Founded in 1448, the Old Library is still situated in its original room with bookcases made from medieval lecterns. The library holds a fine and hugely significant collection of c. 20,000 early printed books and manuscripts dating from the 12th century.


The Chapel dates to 1890 is still a place of Christian worship for students during term time. The majority of the services follow the liturgy of the Church of England.