The Streetly Fund in Natural Sciences

Queens’ has completed the endowment of The Streetly Fund in Natural Sciences to support the academic activities of the College’s Natural Science students! Named in honour of John Streetly (1949), the Fund will be open to all undergraduate and postgraduate scientists at the College, except those supported by other Funds, such as The Haszeldine Fund in Chemistry. 

John Streetly 1949

This is a hugely exciting time for the Sciences at Queens’. A recent benefaction of £2.1 million will allow the College to create a new Fellowship in the Natural Sciences, following the creation of The Bradley Fellowship in Chemistry in 2020. This new Fellow, a College Teaching Officer, will be free to focus on Queens’ students and their own research, without having to share their teaching time with the University. Natural Sciences, across Physical and Biological strands constitutes one of the largest subjects at Queens' as up to 26 students are admitted in a typical year.

Queens’ students have been included in prestigious events such as the Global Young Scientists Summit and Fellows such as Dr Chris Smith have been recognised for the excellence of their teaching, whilst engaging in public outreach through channels such as The Naked Scientists.


 We expect that the Covid crisis will have a significant impact on the resources available to our students as their family situations change. Queens’ therefore wants to be able to support our scientists with help for:

  • Academic-related travel
  • Books, equipment and dissertation expenses
  • Research projects
  • Vacation placements and projects
  • Attendance at conferences, lectures and academic society events

We have endowed the Fund in perpetuity with £200,000 thanks to a gift from the Streetly family of £150,000, and the generosity of 49 other alumni and friends.This will provide £6,000 per year, to be overseen by the Director(s) of Studies in Natural Sciences and the Senior Tutor. Those who donated £1,000 net or more will be invited to a celebratory dinner with the President, Dr Mohamed A. El-Erian, and Natural Sciences Fellows.

Any donations that take us over the target endowment could mean that some cash spend is provided for the first year of the Fund, so it can start to make a difference immediately, rather than waiting for the interest to accrue on the funds in the first year. Please consider making a gift on our website or through our downloadable donation form

Please contact Ms Emma Charlesworth at with any questions.  

Notes on making a gift:

  • Donations can be made online at
  • Donor names will be published in the annual Gifts List, both on in print and online. Please let the Development Office know if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Donors who give £10,000 or more will be invited to the Commemoration & Ceremony of Benefactors and Feast for the three years following their gift.       
  • Gifts from US taxpayers are normally given to Queens’ through Cambridge in America:
  • Gifts from first-time donors, donors whose last gift to Queens’ was before 31 July 2019, and those who qualified for the Harding Challenge between 1 August 2019 and 31 July 2021, are eligible to unlock funding from the Harding Challenge