Finding books in the Library

Queens' Library uses the BLISS classification scheme which assigns a lettered code to books on each subject.

Books are arranged in alphabetical sequence starting with A (Philosophy) to the left of the Library entrance as you enter, proceeding clockwise round the room in a loop that finishes at the right-hand side with the letter N (British History). The sequence then continues upstairs on the first floor (British History cont. (NRD) - European Literature (XB)), with Fine Arts, Music and Linguistics (U-W) up the stairs on the galleries. The majority of the Classics section (XD-XI) can be found in the small room off the main staircase on the first floor. The second floor concludes the sequence from Classics (XI) to English Literature (Y). We also have a General Collection of interesting fiction and non-fiction located on the ground floor of the Library.

*Please bear in mind that we currently have a one way system in place within the Library. You may wish to check the location of your books before you come to save time.*

Please click on the maps at the bottom of the page to locate your books within the library. Each floor has different colour signage to help you find your books more easily:

  • Ground floor: RED
  • First floor: BLUE
  • Second floor: GREEN

Finding Books in the Library: by Subject

Subject Class Floor Subject Class Floor
American history OP 1 History  L/O   0/1
Archaeology LA History of science  AZ 
Architecture UH Italian literature  XM  2
Art history Law 
Biochemistry EB  Linguistics
Biological anthropology H Management Studies  TQ 
Botany Mathematics AM 
British history 0/1  Medicine  HH 
Celtic languages XC Music  VV 
Chemistry  Oriental history  OR 
Classics XF 1 Oriental languages  WS 
Classical history LT/LV Performance arts  VY 
Computer science AY 7N  Philosophy  AA 
Earth sciences Physics 
Economics Politics 
Education Psychology 
Engineering BX  Russian literature  XB 
English literature Y Social sciences 
European history LY/M  Social anthropology  KRS 
French literature XT  Spanish literature  XP 
Geology DH  Theology
Geography DT  Veterinary science  GU 
German literature XW  Zoology


Ground Floor Map, First Floor Map, Second Floor Map