Excess Residence/Guest Rooms

Excess Residence for Yourself

Excess Residence is free of charge until 18.00 on Degree Day (but must be booked).  This concession applies only to those graduating on the 27 June or in their 3rd year of accommodation on the main site.  It does not apply to their friends or room-mates.

You must book Excess Residence if you intend to use your room after the end of residency i.e., after midday on 20 June. This applies even though the time up to Degree Day is free of charge and even if you only intend to leave possessions in your room.  The room needs to be reserved for you so that another student is not allocated to it.

Where possible the room allocated to you for free Excess Residence up to and including Degree Day will normally be your term-time room.  We cannot make any commitment as to the availability of rooms for Excess Residence after the night of Degree Day.

Requests for Excess Residence after the end of residency should be made through the Tutorial Office as usual.  Please download an Excess Residence Form for Summer Vacation 2019 if you need to stay between the 20 and the 27 of June.

Rooms for your Guests

College rooms can be provided for guests, without charge, between 10.00 and 18.00 on Degree Day but they must be booked. For overnight stays, guest rooms for the night before Degree Day will be charged at £35.96 per person.  All other nights will be at the standard guest room rate of £52.50 for a single and £87.25 for a twin.  All charges include VAT and cafeteria breakfast.  Rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis and there is very little availability for nights after Degree Day.

Guest Rooms must be vacated by 10.00 on the final day of the booking, with the exception of bookings finishing on Degree Day, which last throughout the day until 18.00.

 Booking of rooms for both day occupancy and overnight guests must be made in advance on the Guest Room Booking Form and returned to the Accommodation Officer, Essex 1.