Matriculation Events 2017

Matriculation Photo and signing of the Matriculation Register - Tuesday, 3 October 2017- Undergraduates

Please assemble in the Chapel at 14.45. The group photograph will be taken in Walnut Tree Court at 15.00.

Dress Code:

  • Men:  Gown with dark lounge suit (or jacket and tie)
  • Women: Gown with dark dress, skirt or trousers (formal, full-length)

Following the photograph please proceed immediately to the President’s Lodge to sign the University Matriculation Register.  You will sign the Matriculation Register and meet the President.  Please wear your gown.

If you are unable to sign the register at this time please let the Tutorial Office (Essex 5) know (by calling into the office on Monday, 2 October) and alternative arrangements will made.

Chapel Service

There will be a Matriculation Service in Queens’ Chapel at 17.45 for those who wish to attend.

Matriculation Dinner

The President and Fellows of Queens’ College request the pleasure of your company at the Matriculation Dinner in the Cripps Hall.  It is assumed that all undergraduate freshers will attend this dinner.

The Tutorial Office must be notified by email as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the Dinner, and you must explain why you are unable to attend.

Pre-dinner drinks hosted by the President and Fellows, together with the JCR and MCR Presidents, will be served at 18.45 in the Fitzpatrick Hall.  The Matriculation Dinner will be held in the Cripps Hall.  All drinks at the Dinner are provided by the College.  

Dress code:

  • Lounge suit or female equivalent and gown.

The Matriculation Dinner is a formal occasion and and high standards of behaviour are expected from all who attend.  Please note the College convention that we do not get up from the table or move around the Hall until the Dinner is over and the President has left.