Library Induction

Queens' Library plays an active part in the wider University of Cambridge library system which makes available to you a colossal range of information in terms of electronic and printed books.  An essential part of your studies over the coming years will be to acquire skills to find, evaluate and use the vast range of information resources available in your subject area.

The Library Introduction provides a critical first step in the process of gaining these skills, and you'll find dates and times for the introduction for your subject on this page. During this introductory visit, you'll be guided around your subject section, so that you can successfully explore and browse the collection. You'll also find out how to explore your subject by using Cambridge's online catalogues and you'll learn about some essential websites and online tools to locate information in your subject. (And we'll show you how to borrow and return books!)

The Library web pages contain more information.  If you have questions during the year, the Library staff are there to help you. Students can also request publications, if you can't find what you need for your undergraduate studies.

Library Induction Tours

Please refer to the library induction schedule (Freshers' Noticeboard) for details of the date and time of your Library induction appointment, which will be along with other students in your subject.  Library inductions will take place on Thursday, 5 October and Friday, 6 October 2016 between 4.00p.m., and 6.30p.m.