Prize Winners

Prize Winners 2019-20

Dr Paul Bambrough (Medicine)

  • 'one of the most dedicated, passionate educators I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by'
  • 'he used multiple mediums to simplify the complex architecture of the body ensuring we have a grasp of the importance of functionality, such that every supervision felt like an exciting journey' 
  • 'his ability to understand a multitude of topics is reflected in his integration of varied fields into his anatomy teaching, making the knowledge that we have gained from them broad and holistic and helping us to tesselate our various separate modules' 
  • 'his style of supervision revolves around the rigorous involvement of every student, interacting with us and encouraging us strongly to engage ourselves with the topics so that we are immersed and not simply taught'

Dr Graham Denyer Willis (Geography)

  • 'his creative approach to supervisions is of note, encouraging us to not only go beyond examples covered in lectures, but also to engage with both the college and the city itself... Such an approach has been invaluable in enabling us to have a better understanding of abstract theories, but also to gain an appreciation of their relevance to the "everyday"’ 
  • 'exemplary commitment to inclusive practice and accessibility as both a supervisor and DoS and helping to improve accessibility at both a departmental and university level'
  • 'he has made every effort to instil and increase a sense of community amongst the growing community of geographers at Queens' ...his approach, constant support, and thoughtfulness has had a notable impact on the experience we have, not only of studying Geography, but Cambridge itself' 

Prize Winners 2018-2019

Professor James Jackson (Earth Sciences)

  • 'he must be amongst the most inspirational teachers and I am extremely grateful to have had the pleasure to be supervised by him last year. His passion for and excitement about the subject was abundantly apparent in every supervision and left me looking forward to our meetings each week more than anything else'
  • 'he was very important for my well-being during my first year at College. His constant encouragement was revitalising, especially when I struggled with doubts about my ability to succeed.'
  • 'he also hosted us for our subject dinner. Sitting alongside him and talking to him about his research, the course and about our lives more generally was a highly important moment for me in my first year at Cambridge as it was the first time I felt strongly that I was a part of an academic community.'

Dr Rachael Turton (Geography)

  • 'whilst all of her supervisions were helpful; her creative approach to teaching was perhaps best exemplified during Easter Term, when she organized a debate session between first years from many colleges. Not only did this provide the opportunity to collaborate with other first year students, but it allowed us to explore the connections between the different aspects of the course in more depth. This greatly contributed to our understanding of this part of the paper and brought life to many of the more challenging concepts and ideas.'
  • 'her approach to inclusive teaching has been exemplary. She has continually gone above and beyond, what I would consider, the role of a supervisor to be. Consequently, I have never felt as though I am missing information in any of her supervisions; or as if accommodating reasonable adjustments has ever been a problem. Her approach to inclusive teaching and accessibility is an example, which should be followed by many.'

Prize Winners 2017-2018

Laurence Tiley (MVST)

  • 'he has improved communication and relationships between different year groups of medics across all years'
  • 'in supervisions, I felt I could always be open about not understanding something and he would explain it to me - as many times as I needed [...] he would come up with a new way to explain a process to me until it clicked. I was never made to feel slow or silly and I always felt I could ask questions'
  • 'always a great supervisor with endless patience and quiet encouragement towards his students'

Benjamin Studebaker (HSPS)

  • 'his ability to succinctly explain difficult theories and his detailed marking of our essays [...], combined with a willingness to help students in modules other than his own, is not only impressive, but admirable and reflects genuine concern'
  • 'his clear personal enthusiasm for the subject ensured for many that an otherwise extremely difficult module was made interesting and manageble, not only ensuring success in the exam for many, but encouraging them to continue studying political theory in the second year'
  • 'I could not have hoped to have had a better supervisor than him during my first year as an undergraduate at Queens'
  • 'his supervisions have allowed me to gain more confidence when discussing academic topics as he was always academically demanding, yet supportive of me (just like he was with all his students'.

Prize Winners 2016-2017

Professor Julia Gog (Mathematics)

Professor Gog’s students nominated her for reasons including:

  • ‘as a supervisor […] would always find something to add to our questions, and […] made us realise what we didn’t know that we didn’t know, and would find very interesting ways to explain it’
  • ‘on a personal level, I owe her much of the clarity and intuition in mathematics that I acquired last year’
  • ‘as a director of studies, she […] could quickly identify when something was wrong and suggest solutions making it always clear she has our best interest at heart’.

Dr James Campbell (Architecture)

Dr Campbell’s students nominated him for reasons including:

  •  ‘brought to life the history of [the subject] with his huge amount of personal knowledge and each week recommended interesting and informative books which we would then discuss in [supervisions], and explain the topics in new ways […] to make the information really accessible’
  • ‘[during very difficult period] was incredibly supportive throughout the term […] Rather than wasting time worrying about trying to explain my situation to different teachers […], I was able to get on with the work’.

Prize Winners 2015-2016

Dr Martin Crowley (Modern & Medieval Languages)

Dr Crowley’s students nominated him reasons including:

  • ‘attending his supervisions is a joy. Always erudite, modest and funny, he gives criticism in such a deft and even-handed way that he always inspires me to better myself, to improve the quality of my thought and of my writing’
  • ‘he makes such a special contribution to our academic development at Queens’ ultimately because of the fantastic Critical Theory seminars he runs for all the MMLers at Queens’. No other college has this. […] These discussions are always eye-opening, informative and useful in improving our own work. My friend and I often find ourselves stumbling out of his study across the Mathematical Bridge, minds-blown, gabbling on about whether Marx meant this or what Foucault really meant when he said that. For me, this sort of intellectual stimulation is why I applied to Cambridge’

Dr Andrew Gee (Engineering)

Dr Gee’s students nominated him for reasons including:

  • ‘… inspires his students to want to do their best, because of the faith he instils in them, and also by giving them the knowledge and understanding needed to do well in the course’
  • ‘during supervisions I have always felt like he has taught me in the best way possible, I feel comfortable enough to ask questions, and I feel like the supervisions are a place for me to learn rather than be tested on the things I don't quite know yet’
  • ‘[his] enthusiasm for educating, fun & interesting teaching style and innovative willingness to challenge the status quo add up to an academic gem that truly brings pride to Queens' College’.

Dr Edwige Moyroud (Biological Natural Sciences)

Dr Moyroud’s students nominated her for reasons including:

  • ‘an outstanding supervisor to me and all of my colleagues who have been supervised by her … never fails to recognise when something is not fully understood and shows patience, kindness and ingenuity in thinking of new ways to explain concepts to us. She gives the most detailed homework feedback imaginable, never missing a way to improve our writing style’
  • ‘academically, she encourages her supervisees both to focus on important general ideas and to explore the uncertainties in current research. … Innovatively, she organised topic-oriented “journal clubs” with the supervisor from another biological subject, so that students could learn to “think outside the box the course provides”. She provides a great deal of excellent feedback to guide students in their learning and exploring’.