100 Mbps connections in rooms

Queens' College will be defaulting all Ethernet sockets to 100Mbps for all its students and Fellows in the following buildings:

  • Old Court (staircases A, B, C, E, F);
  • Library;
  • Walnut Tree Court (staircases G, H);
  • Erasmus Building (staircases K, L);
  • Friars Building (staircases M, N, O, P);
  • Dokett Building (staircases Q, R, S);
  • Fisher Building (staircases T, V, W, X, Y);
  • Cripps Court (staircases AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF);
  • Owlstone Croft.
  • 61-63-65-75-77 Panton Street
  • 98 Norwich Street
  • 71-73 Maids Causeway

Furthermore, the network bandwidth between those buildings is either 100Mbps or 1Gbps, and from the College to the CUDN is now 1Gbps.

100 Mbps service is offered as default to sockets in those college houses/flats which have Ethernet service, but the minimum network bandwidth to those sites is 20Mbps.