Restricted subjects

Management Studies Tripos

The Management Studies Course is a one-year course that can be taken only by students who have already completed two, or in some cases three, years of another Tripos at the University of Cambridge.  It is not possible to take the Management Studies Tripos immediately on entry to Cambridge (i.e., in your first year), nor is it possible to transfer to the programme from any other institution, either in the UK or elsewhere.

The Management Studies Tripos is taken in the final year of undergraduate study; it can only be taken as the third or fourth year of a BA.  It is not possible to graduate and then apply for this course.

The Management Studies Tripos is selective and not all who apply are accepted.

Potential applicants should consult the Director of Studies in Management before lodging an application to change subject to the Management Studies Tripos.  Applications are made through the Tutorial Office - you must submit your fully completed form by Monday, 19th April 2021, in the penultimate year of your course.

Offers are normally  made by the Judge Business School in June.  However, you should be aware that decisions on applicants who have obtained a 2.1 or lower classification in the first and/or second year of the Tripos will be delayed until after the publication of examination results and breakdowns. This is also the case for applicants currently in their second year.

Students who apply in their third year and who would normally expect to graduate at the end of the current academic year should be aware that, due to the timing of the offers from the Judge Business School, it is likely that unsuccessful applicants will not be able to graduate in the General Admission Congregation in the current academic year.  (This is because it will be too late to register once you receive your decision and you cannot apply after graduating.)

Further information is available from the Judge Business School website.