Professor Rod Jones

Prof. Rod Jones, MA, DPhil (Oxon). Professor of Atmospheric Science. Trevor Bradley Fellow in Chemistry.

I supervise all Physical Chemistry papers for undergraduate students with a fairly energetic style. I have also acted as Assistant Director of Studies for Physical Natural Sciences.
My research focuses on atmospheric chemistry and climate change, spectroscopy, and instrument development for field observations of the atmosphere. I also founded the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM;, and I am currently developing low cost sensors and sensor networks for air quality monitoring, personal exposure and health impacts of air quality, and using drones for atmospheric research. My work has taken me to plenty of interesting places, although the latest one was a landfill site just outside Ipswich. I have been a Queens' Fellow since 1990 and collaborate with other Queens' Fellows including Prof Marie Edmonds, Prof Peter Haynes, and Prof Andrew Rice.
I am Professor of Atmospheric Science within the Department of Chemistry where I lecture NST 1B, Part II NST, and Part III NST, I also lead practicals, and examine. I currently teach 1B Spectroscopy, but in the past I have lectured Part II Spectroscopy, Part II Atmospheric Chemistry, Part III Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change, and Part III Laser Spectroscopy. In my lab I have supervised many Part III students, MPhil and PhD students, but also Erasmus exchange students and overseas visitors. I also host Post-doctoral Research Associates, including those from Queens'.
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  • Official Fellow
  • Trevor Bradley Fellow in Chemistry