Professor Anthony D Challinor

Anthony David Challinor, MA, PhD. Bye-Fellow (Physics).

I have a range of research interests in physical and theoretical cosmology, mostly centred on the issue of testing the cosmological model and the origin of cosmic structure with cosmological observations. A particular focus is the the origin, interpretation, and measurement of temperature anisotropies and polarization in the CMB. I am a Core Team member of the Planck High-Frequency Instrument with particular interests in lensing of the CMB, constraining the key cosmological parameters and searching for B-mode polarization induced by gravitational waves from the early universe.
I currently lecture the Part-II Electrodynamics and Part-III Advanced Cosmology courses within the Mathematics Tripos. I have also acted as Senior Examiner for NST IA Mathematics, NST IB Mathematics and NST II Astrophysics. I am a member of the Teaching Committee at the Institute of Astronomy. I have also supervised nine PhD students and one MPhil student.
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