Professor Andrew Gee

Professor Andrew Gee, MA, PhD. Director of Studies in Engineering. Finance Tutor.


As Director of Studies I am responsible for organising all teaching for Engineering undergraduates. I also deliver College teaching in Part 1A on mathematics and electricity papers. I prefer to use an innovative mix of traditional supervisions and whole-cohort examples classes, allowing more contact hours than is usual.

For applicants

I would recommend that potential applicants for Engineering find out as much as possible about the subject and what to expect at interview. There are some excellent resources at


My research involves the application of information engineering to topics in medical science, paleoanthropology and clinical practice. I have worked in medical imaging, computer vision, document image processing and neural networks. My current research is geared towards methods for large cohort studies involving medical image analysis. Cambridge is a great place for biomedical research due to its close links with Addenbrooke's Hospital. I am one of the authors of the Stradwin software suite, supporting ultrasound and CT research teams around the world.


In the Department of Engineering, I am overall coordinator of Part IIB projects. I lecture undergraduate courses in all aspects of computing including computer architecture, medical imaging and computer graphics. In 1998 I received the Pilkington Prize for excellence in teaching, an annual award to academic staff who have been nominated by Departments within the University.

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  • Director of Studies in Engineering
  • Finance Tutor