Student societies & clubs

Society and club "squashes"

The Tutors allow two amalgamated society “squashes” at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.  Squashes are simply a great opportunity to find out about the different extra-curricular activities on offer at Queens'. These are called the “Arts Squash” and the “Sports Squash”, but this distinction isn’t rigid and societies should arrange to have a presence at whichever is appropriate.

As the College calendar contains many functions and events, the Tutors do not give permission for any other College society squashes. The Tutors do not give permission for University Society Squashes.

Society and club dinners

The Tutors normally allow society or club dinners to take place, in consultation with the Catering Department, as a Formal Hall.  Requests for pre-dinner drinks are normally permitted subject to the following conditions: (a) a time limit of 30 minutes will be applied and (b) no spirits or fortified wine are to be served at pre-dinner drinks, (c) pre-dinner drinks will be served by Catering staff and the quantity will be limited to a maximum of the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine per person.  The Tutors do not normally allow “promenade” dinners.

To arrange a society or club dinner, make provisional enquiries with the Catering Department and submit your party permission form to the Dean of College at least eight days in advance.


AGMs may take place at any time during the day, but must be concluded no later than 7.45 p.m.  AGMs are defined by College as business meetings.  Alcohol is not served at business meetings.  The Dean of College will not give permission for alcoholic drinks to be served at AGMs.  AGM business should normally be completed within 2 hours.

To arrange an AGM, make a provisional room booking with the Bursars’ Secretary (for a maximum of two hours).  Fill in a meeting permission form which should be returned to the Dean of College for approval.  Seven days notice is required.

Important Note: if your AGM normally takes place at a Club/Society dinner, you must seek permission for such a dinner (and not for an AGM).