Tuition fees

The Schedule of Fees and Charges document gives full details of applicable charges.

The document details tuition fee amounts for the year as well as a guideline to accommodation charges and any other charges students may incur.

Tuition Fees

The Schedule of Fees and Charges document gives full details of all tuition fee amounts. Undergraduates should refer to the following link as the primary source of fee information

Students not receiving a loan or grant via the SLC for their tuition fees, unless they have sponsorsed status, must pay tuition fees themselves. These should be paid fully at the start of the Academic year. An invoice will be sent out to each student by email before the beginning of the academic year, and payment is due by 2nd October. All students should ensure their payments are made by this date or their names may be reported to the Governing body, which can in turn affect eligibility for graduation and/or returning to residence of the College the following term. If students believe that they may not be able to provide payment on the stated dates they should contact their Tutor, with their reason, in order to receive deferment of their payment. You will not receive reminder invoices.

Any student wishing to pay in termly instalments instead of an annual payment may request to do so by contacting the Financial Office after receipt of their tuition invoice.

If a student does have sponsorship status (other than the SLC/DfES) they must ensure a copy of their award letter, stating the organistation who will be paying the full or partial amount of tuition fees for which duration/the duration of their course, is forwarded to the Financial Office as soon as possible (and preferably before the September of the academic year).

Students recieving a Tuition Fee loan from Student Finance must also send a copy of their University or College Payment Advice to the Financial Office as soon as they recieve it (preferably before the September of the commencing academic year).

In the first week of the Michaelmas term all students receiving a loan or grant for maintenance and/or tuition fees from Student Finance should register in the Financial office to trigger their payments.

Students must bring in the University or College Payment Advice, received from Student Finance Direct, along with a non-university based photographic form of identification, such as a passport or driving licence. 
If students have not received such documentation they should contact their Student Finance organisation directly.

Student Finance England students should also be able to download copies of these forms online. Log-in to the Student Finance area of the website and go to 'View Correspondance'. Go to the latest Notification of Entitlement correspondance and click on the GIF image. Page 1 is the cover letter, page 3 or 4 is the University or College Payment Advice, and pages 5 & 6 are the declaration you need to sign and return to Student Finance. Print or email the University or College Payment Advice to the Financial Office prior to October in order for your tuition fee invoice to be amended.
Student Finance Northern Ireland and Student Finance Wales may be similar. In Scotland, the SAAS issue an Award Notice. For Postgraduate Loans, Student Finance England title it a Loan Entitlement Letter.

Please note when applying for a loan or grant for your tuition fees (which you must renew every year in which you wish to take such support) that the tuition fee rate may increase annually. In 2021/22 the rate is £9250 for Undergraduate students.

US Loans

Students looking for information about US Loans should visit the US Loans pages for full information.

US loans page: US loans | Cambridge students
Consumer information page: Consumer information | Cambridge students

For those students residing in College accommodation, invoices will be sent out termly. This is seperate from tuition fees.