Travel grant applications

College is able to provide part-funding to assist with travel to support your academic work. To apply, first read the notes below and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Travel Gate Deadlines:  8 November 2019, 14 February 2020, 15 May 2020, 17 July 2020


  1. To be eligible for a travel grant, you must be enrolled as a current student now and at the time of the proposed travel.
  2. All applications must be discussed with your Academic Tutor (undergraduates) or Graduate Tutor prior to submission. The form should be accompanied by a statement of justification, how it will benefit your academic development, details of your proposed travel and an itemised budget.
  3. Applications (postgraduate and undergraduate) must be endorsed by someone responsible for your academic work (Department Head, PhD Supervisor, DoS). This may be a supporting letter or email.
  4. Travel grants are normally awarded as part-funding for your proposed application. You will need to demonstrate that you have applied elsewhere for a significant proportion of the funding that you require and that your ‘funding package’ will be viable.
  5. Please note that travel grants are not usuually applicable for research expenses.
  6. The application process is competitive but as an indication, the maximum reimbursable amount will be £300 to £350. (This may be reduced if a particularly large number of applications are received).
  7. Students who are applying for assistance in funding a medical elective can apply for a maximum of £150.
  8. Only one application may normally be made in each academic year (unless an exceptional case can be made on academic grounds). In the event of applications exceeding available funding, priority will normally be given to those students who have not received funding previously.
  9. There are three travel gate deadlines each academic year.  Completed forms must submitted at least one week before the deadline dates (above). You will be notified by email on the outcome of your application.
  10. No retrospective travel claims will be considered, unless advance notice was given to the Senior Tutor.
  11. PLEASE NOTE: Copies of receipts, totalling the full amount of the travel grant (excluding subsistence) must be turned in to the Tutorial Office within 30 days of your return to College. Failure to do so may result in repayment of the grant to the College.

(Please note: The bursaries below are not in addition to the travel grant application, but are specialist funds which may be relevant to your circumstances.)

John Collins Bursary:  Available to PhD students in the field of Chemistry to attend academic conferences.

Leonard Manns Scholarship: Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

They are open to both home and overseas students. The scholarships are tenable for the whole of an undergraduate course (three or four years), subject to satisfactory academic progress.

The Professor Ajit Singh Travel Award:  Available to current undergraduate and graduate students of Queens' wishing to travel to any country with a developing economy (as defined by the World Bank or IMF) to undertake research that will contribute to our understanding of economic and social development.  This is broadly, but not exclusively, defined as economics, sociology, natural sciences and medicine.  Awards are also available to support Graduate and Undergraduate students to present their research at European Conferences. Awards are made at the discretion of the Senior Tutor, up to a value of £700.

Recipients of the Professor Ajit Singh Travel Awards are asked to provide a summary of their research project to the Senior Tutor.  An article may also be published in the Queens' College magazine The Bridge.


PLEASE NOTE - a Travel Risk Assessment Form must be completed by all applicants.  Please send your completed form to the Tutorial Reception Office (

We will use the information submitted in this form for dealing with your request. This might include contacting you to request further details if needed or communicating a resolution. The contents of form submissions are automativally removed from our database after 6 months

Important: this address will be used to send your request on to your tutor. If you enter this address incorrectly then your application might not be processed.
Maximum: £300/£350 (For medical electives maximum is £150)
Please see note 10

We will use the information submitted in this form for dealing with your request. This might include contacting you to request further details if needed or communicating a resolution. The contents of form submissions are automatically removed from our database after 6 months.

Please ask your supervisor/DoS to send their recommendation directly to: to reach us before the travel grant deadline.