The Nelson Blues Fund

The Nelson Blues Fund is an endowed College Fund to support undergraduate and graduate students who have won Blues or half-Blues, by helping them to cover the costs of purchasing their colours. The Fund was endowed through the generosity of over 30 alumni and supporters, many of them Blues themselves, including a principal gift from Dr Mark Nelson (MPhil, 1983). Mark was a cricketer at Queens', won a half Blue at golf and is a member of the Hawks' Club.

Photo, right: Mark Nelson is thanked by the President at the Ceremony of Benefactors, 2019.

Applications for funding can be made through the online form below. The information submitted on the form will be sent to the awarding Fellows: Professor Marie Edmonds, Dr David Butterfield and Mr Rowan Kitt. The deadlines for application are: Friday 13 March 2020, Friday 12 June 2020.

Note: you are eligible to apply to this Fund if you have been awarded a full Blue or half-Blue. Proof of purchase of your colours is required. Students who received Blues of half Blues and purchased colours in previous years, if they are still a member of College, should apply to the Fund this year as it may be possible for them to be reimbursed.

Photograph: Queens' College Blues at the Blues Dinner, May 2019.