Sports bursaries at Queens'

Although studying is a big part of life at Cambridge, what you do in your spare time is just as important. Queens' is dedicated to supporting its students in all their extra-curricular endeavours, partly because these opportunities develop invaluable teamwork, organisational and leadership skills. 

To this end, we have numerous forms of assistance, for students who have already arrived and matriculated at Queens':
  • Endowed Sports Bursaries for students taking part in elite-level sport at (at least) Blues, national or international level
  • Q550 Bursaries for participation in University or perhaps national-level sport. These bursaries were raised as part of the Queens' 550th anniversary appeal in 1998. Details about applications for these bursaries will appear on this page in due course.
  • The Nelson Blues Fund, also raised through the generosity of alumni and friends of the College, to cover the costs of purchasing University colours (i.e. Blues and half-Blues jackets and scarves)