University taster day in Bradford

On November 29th, the Queens' Access team organised a university taster day in Bradford, one of our link areas.

The event was held at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford and was attended by around 80 year 10 students from 7 nearby state schools. The aim of the day was to raise students' aspirations and give them an insight into what studying at university is like. Three speakers attended, two of whom are PhD students at Queens', whilst the other completed her undergraduate degree here.

Richmond Ehwi, a PhD student in the Land Economy department, was the first speaker. He presented his research on gated communities in Ghana, which evolved into a discussion with students on why people might move to such a community and whether they are a positive or negative thing.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, who completed her undergraduate degree at Queens', spoke about her experience of coming from Leeds to Cambridge to study History. Her experience was relatable to many of the students, as she had not considered the possibility of applying to Cambridge until sixth form when a schools liaison officer visited her school. She spoke about the student activism she engaged in while at university and how she found being at Cambridge as a student from an underrepresented background. Suhaiymah's story was inspirational for many of the students who had perhaps thought that Cambridge was not an option for them but were encouraged by Suhaiymah to work hard and consider applying.

Finally, Fiona Hughes (also local to the area) spoke about her PhD research in the Cambridge University Engineering department on reducing damage to buildings during earthquakes. She also spoke about her trip to South America and her work in the lab as ways of investigating the effect of earthquakes. More broadly, Fiona introduced Engineering as an area of study and a career path, as it is a great option for students who enjoy maths and physics. Fiona read Engineering at Queens' and represented Great Britain in Cross-Country Skiing at the Winter Olympics .

The day was a great success, with students engaged in the talks, asking questions afterwards and some approaching the speakers during breaks for further discussion.


Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

Fiona Hughes



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