The Queens' Choir on tour in America

For nine days in March, the 27-strong Queens' choir toured the States and performed in eight concerts across Washington DC, New York City and Boston. 

The Choir successfully managed to balance their time between rehearsing, performing and day tripping around the various tourist attractions while in the US. Performing predominantly in churches, the choir also regaled those visiting the Lincoln Memorial with their stunning repertoire. 

The President and Development Director attended many of the concerts and were delighted to meet all the alumni in attendance. The Choir was particularly grateful to the recent graduates and former choristers who made the journey to watch them sing. 

Lessons learned: it's difficult to dine with a group of 27; NYC and Boston are still rather cold in March (DC less so); yes, American food portions differ to UK portions; and all three cities contained far more attractions than time permitted to visit. 

The journey was not always easy, with the group encountering blizzards, rainstorms, car fires and early bus journeys; however, the choir certainly seems keen to visit again soon. 

List of concert venues: 

Capitol Hill United Methodist Church, DC

the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, DC

The Lincoln Memorial, DC

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, accompanied by the Cathedral choir, NYC

St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC

St. Luke in the Fields in Greenwich Village, NYC

Harvard University Memorial Church, Boston

Old South Church, Boston