Queens' Arts Festival 2018

Returning to Queens' once again, this year's Arts Festival was a resounding success. Held over four days, with a theme of 'Hidden', the Festival welcomed art from across the University and town to be hung in the Cripps Art Gallery space, and hosted a mixture of arty events such as talks, life drawing, and a comedy night.

The Festival kicked off with a screening of Moonlight (2016 film) in the Fitzpatrick Hall. This was followed by the Launch Night of the Exhibition on Friday 26th January - attended by over 300 people. This event was marked by a fantastic talk given by Martin Postle, who spoke about when he discovered a hidden portrait of Shakespeare underneath another Gainsborough painting.  Martin also chose his favourite piece from the exhibition, and presented the artist with a prize.

The next day welcomed the Cambridge Urban Sketching Group to College, who wandered around and chose their favourite bits of Queens' to draw, resulting in some fantastic paintings, sketches and illustrations. Later that day saw a visit from conceptual artist and poet, Robert Montgomery, who gave an inspiring talk about his work in a talk titled 'Modernism is a psychic love wave'. Forty people also attended a talk and life-drawing class with Allan McRobie titled 'The Seduction of Curves' which saw how life-drawing, and the human body, could be described both verbally and pictorially through the mathematical understanding of curves.

The last day of the Festival included a panel discussion led by Nathan Connelly and Lola Olufemi and an informative talk about the work that Jimmy's homeless shelter does in Cambridge. The Festival was wrapped up with a comedy night in QBar, with sketches by Cambridge Footlights.

The Queens' Arts Festival 2018 was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who attended and made it so memorable. Thank you also to the Queens' Arts Festival Committee who worked tirelessly to bring the Arts to the forefront of Queens'...we're already looking forward to 2019!