Postgraduate Virtual Open Days

Learn more about how you can achieve your full potential with our Postgraduate offer, Funding and Networking opportunities and meet our great Postgraduate Community. 



During our Live Sessions, you can meet our Postgraduate Tutor and members of the MCR that will talk you through how is life at Queens'.
We are keen to discuss different topics of your interest.

If you miss the dates, you can always send your queries to the postgraduate office or book your ticket for the next Postgraduate Open Days.

In the meanwhile, you may wish to hear how your time studying in our college can be:



Helpful links that will give you a College overview:

Explore the Scholarships available for our candidates, we have now made the application process for most of our available funds easier through the Funding Search Portal.

Our College is taking into consideration the specific needs of out Graduate Students when looking for accommodation. Find all the alternatives listed on the link above. 

Know more about our brand new Study Centre for Postgraduate Students, the weekly Graduate Writers' Spaces, Study Skills Sessions and Conferences. 

Your chance to put questions to global leaders in their field. These interviews are hosted by our Queens’ First Lady, Anna El-Erian, in collaboration with the MCR. 

Along with organising social events for graduate students throughout the year, it functions as a link between its members and the College and University authorities.

Take a look at our beautiful surroundings and central location in this interactive virtual tour. 


The programme will be available on this site once the dates and timings are confirmed. Bookmark this page, save the dates and we will be delighted to meet you. 

This is a great opportunity for listening to your story, your achievements and your aspirations. We are open to talk, we are open to new ideas, we are open for you!