Good news from Queens': week 2

Just in time for the weekend, we are back with our weekly round-up of good news stories from Queens', Cambridge and the University...

Queens' student Zehn Mehmood (MEng, Chemical Engineering) has co-founded the Big May Ball Appeal - Coronavirus, a charitable project raising money for Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust and the Cambridge's Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (a research centre at the University of Cambridge which studies possible extinction-level threats, including pandemics). As all the May Balls due to be taking place this summer have been cancelled, this project encourages and makes it as easy as possible for students due to be receiving refunds from these events to donate part or all of the ticket price to the above causes, an initiative University Vice-Chancellor recently described as "a commendable example of our students turning a setback into a tangible opportunity to contribute to society."
 Aged 93, David Gapes (1944) still has his matriculation photo and various prints of the College around his flat in Southport. He was keen to reminisce about Queens’ with the Development Director who visited him recently, just before the lockdown. David arrived at Queens’ to read Geography, was sent off to war (RAF) six months later and returned to the College in 1948 to complete his degree. He had rooms in Dokett and Fisher, rated Sir Arthur Armitage and Henry Hart highly and is still in touch with Alfred Thompson (1943) whom he followed to Queens’ from High Storrs School. David spent his career teaching at Wigan Grammar School. He has recently given donations to student support and the Henry St John Hart Fund in Theology.
On a mini tour of the northwest, the Alumni Director also visited Joe Howgego (1951), Dudley Walne (1955) and John Redfern (1953).


The Alumni Office, working from home, is now phoning many of its alumni to send the College's good wishes during this difficult time.

Congratulations to student David Brossault (PhD, Chemical Engineering) who last month won a poster award at the Royal Society of Chemistry Poster Twitter Conference 2020. The conference, held entirely over Twitter, aimed to bring members of the scientific research community together to share their research, network and engage in scientific debate. His winning poster, which came first out of 88 in the Nanoscience category, focused on a green method to produce metal doped silica composite materials and their potential for both biological and environmental applications.
Our students are continuing to find ways of meeting up online, with more than 120 participants in the JCR Virtual Bar Quiz last week and the MCR Virtual Tea Time taking place again on Wednesday evening. A virtual Queens' is also being built on our very own Minecraft server - see the work in progress on the right...
The JCR are also continuing with their Humans of Queens' series on Instagram, offering short introductions to a range of Queens' members. You can view the whole series on the Queens' JCR Instagram account. Photographed right in the most recent 'Human of Queens'', fourth year MML student Becca.

If you have any good news from Queens' or Cambridge University that you'd like to see in one of these features, please feel free to get in touch with Alice Webster, Communications Officer.