Alexander Hardwick (2013) awarded Sir William Browne's Medal for Latin Epigram

Alexander Hardwick (2013) has been awarded the Sir William Browne's Medal for a Latin Epigram. 

This is a University prize, one of several which may be awarded annually by the Faculty of Classics. Sir William Browne (1692-1774) left money in his will for the foundation of an annual prize of three gold medals, each worth five guineas, for original Latin and Greek verse compositions on specified topics according to the standards of the primary Classical authors. These medals have been offered annually since 1775 and continue to be contested in the present day. In the middle of the nineteenth century (1858), the medal for 'Epigram' was divided into two, one for each ancient language, so that thereafter four medals were available each year, for a (i) Greek Ode; (ii) Latin Ode; (iii) Greek Epigram; (iv) Latin Epigram. 

Alexander has previously also been awarded two different prizes by the Faculty: the Members' Greek Translation Prize and (jointly) the Members' Latin Translation Prize.


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