Choral Scholarships

There are three types of membership in the choir, which combine to form a choir of approximately twenty-four singers.

The first type of membership is for those who are offered a place through the University-wide Vocal Assessments in the year before arriving in Cambridge, and are then offered a grade-dependent Choral Scholarship at Queens’ College. Therefore, Choral Scholars are undergraduate or graduate students at Queens’ College who have been elected through this process, and receive the standard financial scholarship for the University (currently £100). 

The title of Choral Scholar requires membership of the Choir for the full duration of the Scholar’s academic course (which one may apply to have renewed if pursuing a further course in the University). Choral Scholars are expected to play a large role in the musical life of the College. 

The other two forms of membership are for singers appointed at the beginning of the academic year (or occasionally at another point in the year), namely Choral Exhibitioners and Volunteers.  A Choral Exhibitioner has a position similar to that of Choral Scholar, holding the position for the full duration of their academic course after appointment, but is from another College.  A Volunteer may be from Queens’, from another College or occasionally from the city more generally, for example from Anglia Ruskin University. These positions are reviewed on an annual basis.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the choir, please contact the Senior Organ Scholar, Blandine Jacquet ( or Dr Ralph Allwood ( who would both be delighted to provide more information, discuss entry into the choir and arrange an audition or informal meeting as you wish.

Tour to Angers and Paris 2016 (photo: Anna Thomas)