Health Matters


The College Nurse is located in the College Health Centre.

The College strives to ensure we maintain a good health support system for our students.

The College Nurse recommends that you read the "Further Information" available on the College website.


Students are advised to ensure they have been vaccinated against the following infections prior to their arrival in Cambridge - Vaccine Preventable Infections


It is very important that once you have arrived in Cambridge you register with a Doctor (Medical Practitioner).  Information regarding local Doctors' (GP) and Dental Surgeries can be found on the NHS Choices website. Most surgeries are open Monday to Friday although individual opening times may vary. You may wish to phone ahead and check. You do not generally need to make an appointment to register with a surgery, you can just go along to your chosen surgery during their normal opening hours. You will need to provide a form of identification, such as your University card (UK students should take their NHS medical card with them if possible). Free NHS treatment is available to all students (home, EU and overseas), and their dependants once they are registered with a local doctor.

Further information regarding student health and welfare can be found on the University website.