Formal Hall Menu

Formal Hall menu for week commencing 9th October

No Meal 
Caesar salad with crispy continental salami (Soya, Wheat, Milk, Sulphites)
Confit lamb with redcurrant and herb crust (Wheat, Sulphites, Milk, Eggs)
Veg: Turkish Style Aubergine with Tzatziki (Milk, Mustard, Sulphites)
Fondant Potatoes (Milk)
Buttered Cabbage (Milk)
Queens' Pudding with Marinated Berries and  Custard (Eggs, Milk, Wheat,Sulphites)
Gravalax of Salmon, Herb Crème Fraiche, Melba toast (Milk, Wheat)
Confit chicken (Sulphites, Milk) 
Veg: Spicy root and lentil casserole (Mustard, Celery, May contain peanuts and treenuts)
Olive cous cous (May contain wheat)
Garlic tomato courgettes (Sulphites)
Chocolate Pecan Tart (Soya,Wheat, Milk, Egg, Nuts)
Duck Spring Roll with Plum Sauce (Milk, Wheat, Sulphites, May contain Traces of Egg, Nuts, Fish, Mollusc, Crustacea)
Pan Seared Seabass, wasabi hollandaise (Sulphites, Egg, Milk)
Veg: Sesame roasted cauliflower topped with oriental vegetables (Sesame, Wheat, Celery, Soya)
Noodles (Egg, Wheat)
Raspberry Brulee with Shortbread (Milk, Egg Wheat)
Leek & Stilton Tart (Wheat, Milk, Mustard, Eggs, Nuts)
Herb Crusted Rump of Lamb, Rosemary Gravy (Wheat, Mustard,Sulphites)
Veg: Buckwheat crepe filled with sweet potato and  caramelised red onion (Milk, Egg, Wheat)
Nicoise Vegetables
Garlic Creamed  Potatoes (Milk)
Mint Chocolate Meringnes (Soya,Wheat,Eggs,Milk)
No Meal
Prawn & Avocado Cocktail (Crustaceans, Sulphites, Eggs, Fish, Wheat, Celery,)
Medallions of Pork Tenderloin, Grain Mustard Sauce (Milk,Sulphites,Mustard)
Veg: Baked Peppers With Mozzarella, Pesto Rosso and  Lentils (Sulphites, Milk, Nuts)
Herb Mash (Milk)
Fine Green Beans
Passion fruit mango roulade with apricot coulis (Eggs,Wheat)