Cafeteria Menu

Cafeteria menu for week commencing 20th November 2017

Leek and Fennel Soup (Celery) £1.35
Pork Schnitzel, Beetroot Relish (Eggs,Gluten,Milk,Sulphites) £2.75
Sweet Chilli Chicken, Stir Fry Vegetables (Sesame,Soya,Sulphites)  £2.75
Vegan Spinach, Sweet Potato and Lentil Curry, Rice (Celery) £2.25
Buttered New Potatoes (Milk) 80p
Cauliflower 80p
Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding, Custard (Gluten,Eggs,Milk,Soya) £1.10
Leek and Fennel Soup (Celery) £1.35
Spiced Lamb, Pitta Bread, Coriander Crème Fraiche (Milk,Gluten,Celery,Nuts) £2.75
Salmon and Asparagus Fishcake, Creamy Dill Sauce (Fish,Milk,Mustard) £2.75
Root Vegetable Crumble (Gluten,Milk) £2.25
Julianne Chips 80p
New Potatoes 80p
Mixed Vegetables 80p
Healthy Option Lentil and Root Vegetables 80p
Selection of Desserts £1.10
Pea and Ham Soup (Celery) £1.35
Chicken, Pancetta and Leeks, Creamy Sauce, Fresh Pasta (Milk,Sulphites,Gluten) £2.75
Spicy Pork Meat Balls, Tomato Sauce, Fresh Pasta (Celery,Gluten) £2.75
Vegan Vegetable Arrabbiata, Fresh Pasta (Gluten,Suphites) £2.25
Sea Trout Supreme, Dill and Mustard Sauce (Fish,Milk,Mustard,Sulphites)  £3.05
Lyonaise Potatoes 80p
Mashed Swede (Milk) 80p
Pineapple Upside Down Pudding, Custard (Milk,Gluten,Eggs) £1.10
Pea and Ham Soup (Celery) £1.35
Beef Lasagne, Mozzarella Crust (Milk,Gluten,Eggs,Fish) £2.75
Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Bake (Fish,Gluten,Milk,Eggs) £2.75
Vegetable and Cheese Quarter Pounders, Floured Bap (Gluten,Milk,Egg) £2.25
Curly Fries (May Contain traces of G,M,E,N,F,Mol,Cru) 80p
Buttered New Potatoes (Milk) 80p
Broccoli 80p
Selection of Desserts £1.10
Jerusalem Artichoke Soup (Celery) £1.35
Roast Topside of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy (Gluten,Milk,Eggs,Celery)   £3.05
Chicken Jalfrezi, Poppadom, Rice (May Contain Traces G,M,F,N,Cru,Mol,E) £2.75
Roasted Root Vegetable and Lentil Wellington (Celery,Gluten,Eggs)  £2.25
Roast Potatoes 80p
Roasted Root Vegetables 80p
Apple and Mixed Berry Crumble, Custard (Milk,Gluten) £1.10
Jerusalem Artichoke Soup (Celery) £1.35
Chargrilled Rump Steak, Diane Sauce (Milk,Sulphites,Celery) £3.05
Lamb Moussaka, Parmesan Crust (Celery,Milk,Gluten,Fish,Eggs,Sulphites) £2.75
Pitta Bread Topped with Curried Vegetables, Raita (Gluten,Celery, Tree Nuts and Peanuts)  £2.25
Cauliflower Cheese (Milk,Gluten) 80p
Roasted New Potatoes with Queens Thyme 80p
Selection of Desserts £1.10
Buttery Menu D - 20th - 26th November    
Inihaw Baboy - BBQ Pork Chops (Sulphites, Soya, Wheat) £2.75
Afritadang Manok - Chicken Stew (Sulphites, Soya, Wheat) £2.75
Tiloia Samphire Salad (Fish) £2.75
Lumpiang Sariwa - Vegetarian Spring Roll (Wheat, Egg, Milk, Nuts, Soya) £2.25
Chopsuey 80p
Jasmin Na Bigas - Rice  80p
Turon Banana - Banana Spring Roll (Wheat, Milk) £1.10
Celeriac and Apple Soup (Celery) £1.35
Pork, Beansprout and Yellow Pepper Stir Fry with Egg Noodles (Soy,Seasame,Egg) £2.75
Grilled Turkey Escalope with Chilli, Coriander and Garlic £2.75
Vegan Sweet potato and White Bean Chilli, Rice (Celery) £2.25
Noisette Potatoes (May Contain Traces of G,M,F,N,E,Mol,Cru) 80p
New Potatoes 80p
Buttered Savoy Cabbage with Red Onion and Thyme (Milk) 80p
Selection of Desserts £1.10
Cream of Chestnut Mushroom Soup (Celery,Milk) £1.35
Battered Hake Fillet, Tartare Sauce, Lemon Wedge  (Fish,Milk,Gluten,Eggs,Nuts May Contain Cru,Mol)   £2.75
Chicken, Ham and Sweetcorn Pie (Eggs,Milk,Gluten,Sulphites) £2.75
Vegetable Kiev, Garlic Butter (May Contain Traces of G,M,N,E,F,Mol,Cru) £2.25
Chips 80p
Mushy Peas 80p
Baked Rice Pudding, Strawberry Jam (Milk) £1.10
Chestnut Mushroom Soup  (Celery,Milk) £1.35
Lancashire Hotpot (Celery,Milk,Fish,Sulphites) £2.75
Beef Rogan Josh, Mini Coriander Naan Bread (Celery,Gluten,Milk) £2.75
Pea, Mint and Potato Frittata (Eggs,Milk) £2.25
Skin on Julienne Fries (May Contain Traces of G,M,N,E,F,Cru,Mol) 80p
New Potatoes 80p
Braised Red Cabbage 80p
Selection of Desserts £1.10
11am – 1.30pm  
12pm Chefs Dish of the Day/Vegetables £2.75
French Onion Soup (Celery,Gluten,Sulphites) £1.35
Spiced Beef Chilli Tacos (Celery,Gluten) £2.75
Cajun Chicken Stir Fry, Tortilla Wraps, Sour Cream (Gluten,Milk,Sulphites) £2.75
Vegan Paella with Butterbean, Roasted Courgette and Red Pepper £2.25
Potato Wedges (May Contain Traces of G,M,N,E,F,Mol,Cru) 80p
Roasted Courgettes 80p
Selection of Desserts £1.10
11am – 1.30pm  
12pm – Chefs Dish of the Day/Vegetables £2.75
Sweet Potato and Butterbean Soup (Celery) £1.35
Roast Chicken, Sage and Onion Stuffing, Gravy (Celery,Gluten,Eggs)  £3.05
Charred Tuna Steak with Seasame, Soya and Spring Onion (Fish,Seasame,Soya) £2.75
Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Gnocchi Bake (Gluten,Egg,Milk,Sulphites) £2.25
Roast Potatoes 80p
Cauliflower and Broccoli 80p
Apple Pie, Custard (Gluten,Eggs,Milk) £1.10