Health and Wellbeing

We are mindful of the increased stress and pressure members of our College may face due to the pandemic. The Heath & Wellbeing Team is here to support and care for you. If you are new (or a returner!) and do not know quite how or who to make initial contact with, please don’t worry. All members of the Health & Wellbeing Team can signpost you on to the person who can most efficiently and effectively help. Please don’t suffer in silence. Write to one of the Health & Wellbeing Team an email and we will respond quickly and confidentially. 

Many students may be anxious about what to do if they become unwell with CoVid-19.  The one key message to remember is:

  • If you are suffering from symptoms that may indicate COVID-19, remain/return to your room.
  • Then telephone the Porters’ Lodge (01223 335511).

The Health & Wellbeing Team

The Health & Wellbeing Centre can be found in Cripps Court between BB & CC staircase. Our Health & Wellbeing team works throughout the year offering support for a wide range of health and welfare issues to assist you throughout your time at Queens’. More information on the team, can be found on the Queens’ website.

Please email or phone to book in-person or Zoom appointments. You should contact the specific welfare advisor through their email (found in the contact section of the website).

Health & Wellbeing Team members

  • Tim Harling, Head of Welfare
  • Jenny Schiller, Clinical Lead, Mental Health Nurse, and CBT Psychotherapist
  • Emily Farrar, Mental Health Nurse
  • Anna Reali, Counsellor
  • Max Bayliss, College Chaplain

The Health & Wellbeing Team has a broad range of professional backgrounds and have significant experience in supporting students with health and welfare issues.

We would encourage you to contact them with any concerns you have, as they arise, or simply to meet (virtually or physically) for a chat if you are feeling down, anxious, happy or excited.

Student Health Questionnaires

Prior to your arrival in college, the Health and Wellbeing team will be in touch with you and send you a health questionnaire. This information is to assist them in offering health related care and support during your time in College. All information is kept strictly confidential and will only be seen by the Health & Wellbeing Team.

Registering with a GP in Cambridge

All new students are required to register with a Cambridge GP, promptly on arrival at Queens’. 

The closest practices to Queens’ are:

If you have been unwell and have visited your GP, it can still be helpful to inform us (confidentially), so that it is documented.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

If you are experiencing difficulties in College or have a longer term mental health condition, please do not hesitate to seek help.

  • Within the Health & Wellbeing Centre we offer CBT, counselling and pastoral care to support you during your time at Queens’.
  • Your Tutor is also available to help. They focus on your academic enquiries, general pastoral care and applications to the College or University.  The name and details of your Tutor can be found on CamSiS.
  • If you would prefer to be seen outside of College, the University Counselling Service is available, by self-referral.
  • Through the NHS you are able to access psychological therapy by self-referral, contacting the Psychological Wellbeing Service
  • Nightline is a student run listening service – 01223 744 444

Allergies and Anaphylaxis

In line with Cambridge University policy, students with a history of severe allergic reaction should notify Jenny and Emily on within 48 hours of arrival in College (preferably before arrival in College). We will add your details to a database, and information will be circulated to key staff.

Please note: where a student has disclosed a history of severe allergies or anaphylaxis, the information will be shared with certain members of College staff (e.g. tutor, catering staff and porters). This is intended to enable prompt treatment in case of emergency.

It will be deemed that consent in such cases is given, unless the College Nurse is informed in writing/email that you do not consent. You do have the right not to consent but this may affect your care and/or limit the treatment you can receive.

Special Dietary Requirements

Students with special dietary requirements will need to ensure the Catering Department are clearly advised. Jenny or Emily can advise you on this if it is a health requirement and Max can advise if this is a religious requirement.

Meningitis ACWY and other vaccinations

Vaccinations can protect you from some serious illnesses and diseases – it is important that all new students are up to date with vaccinations before arrival, in line with advice and guidance from Public Health England and the University of Cambridge.

Confidentiality, Health Records and Data Protection

Confidentiality: All information shared with College Nurses, Counsellors and Welfare Advisers is confidential. As with all practicing health professionals, welfare advisors are required to adhere to strict guidelines set out by the College and their accreditation body. Sharing of information without consent would only occur in exceptional circumstances:

  • When it is a statutory requirement or in response to a court order;
  • When the interests of the patient or public protection override the duty of confidentiality to the patient.

It is often beneficial for some information to be shared, for your benefit, with for example your College Tutor, Disability Resource Centre, your GP, but this would only occur with your full consent.

Health Records: Health care professionals are required by law to maintain records about your health and treatment, to provide you with the best possible care and protect your safety.

Data Protection: At Queens’ health records are stored electronically, in line with other health care environments. The software and database we use is provided by Cliniko and complies with health industry standard data security and is GDPR compliant.

The database is only accessible to Queens’ Health and Welfare Team. There is no link between these records and NHS/GP Records, and they are not accessible by anyone else in College.


  • Complete the online student health questionnaire that will be sent you at the start of Michaelmas term
  • Read the Testing and Self Isolation Procedure on the Queens’ website
  • Ensure you are up to date with appropriate vaccinations.
  • Register with a Cambridge GP
  • Ensure you have informed if you have a history of severe allergies or anaphylaxis.