Arriving in Queens'

Access to the site

The main Porters’ Lodge entrance will be open 24hr, for 7 days a week.

The Fisher Drive, Dokett and Old Court pedestrian gated will be open throughout term. Please use the main Porters' Lodge entrance during the vacation periods.

One-way system

Please adhere to any one-way systems signposted around the College grounds, these may change should there be other events in College.

Returning to Accommodation

One person can accompany the arriving student to assist them in unloading their items. There will be parking in Fisher Drive and Dokett/Erasmus area to assist with unloading.

Please note: The City Council have now closed the bus gate on Silver Street, a fining system is in place 24hrs – 7 days a week.

Unpack as quickly as possible. Due to the number of returning students, there will unfortunately be limited time available for your accompanying guest to stay. Please do not jointly use the College facilities, these are for College members only – Communal washroom facilities are available in Cripps Court.

Face coverings should be worn whilst in the Porters Lodge and queuing for the Cafetria. Please use the hand sanitising stations located at entrances and the bottom of staircases. Remember to social distancing where possible.

Arriving students who will self-isolate in College accommodation should see the guidance for self-isolation.