COVID information

The following pages contain important information about the College’s actions in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. It also contains information about your personal responsibility: your responsibility to yourself, your families, and all the people who live, work and study in the College.

The measures and procedures considered here are intended to lower the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak. They cannot make you completely safe, so we all need to maintain the utmost vigilance and play our part.

A major aim of these procedures is to enable the College to function so that we can deliver the education that Cambridge is famous for. We want the College to function so that your educational and social experience is as full as it can be, bearing in mind the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. We are going to do our utmost to support you in everything you do, and we need you to support us.

In terms of support in College, please remember these three routes:

  • Your Director of Studies is your primary contact for academic matters relating to your course and your Faculty or Department
  • Your Tutor is your primary contact for pastoral support. This includes the enhanced financial support that the College has put in place.
  • The Health & WellbeingTeam is your primary contact for health advice and support, both physical and mental health.

October 2021: This video, published on the University website, is the first in a series to help you make the most of your studies this year. It covers the basic expectations for teaching & learning in the year ahead, commonly used platforms, availability of resources, and where to find support should you need it.

Please remember that the information in this page will be regularly reviewed and adapted in accordance with Government, PHE, and University guidance.

Site Wide COVID Risk Assessment