Student welfare services

Welfare support in College is here to provide you with help and advice, covering a wide range of personal issues and general wellbeing.


A Tutor may be your first port of call, and often it is best to contact them by email to arrange a time to meet.  However, in case of emergency there is a Duty Tutor available at all times, who can be reached by asking the Porters to contact them for you.

Tutors work in conjunction with the Welfare Team to assist students in overcoming any difficulty affecting their wellbeing or issues which might compromise their ability to study effectively, including health, welfare, financial or personal issues.  Tutors also provide support for students with specific academic related problems. They liaise with Directors of Study, the University, Faculties and Departments on the student's behalf. They can assist with processes such as funding for academic travel, supervision changes, course concerns, underperformance, examination issues (including allowances), academic discipline, fitness to study, intermission and return to study (alongside other members of the Welfare Team).  

Please check your CamSIS Self-Service to check who your Tutor is. Contact details for all Tutors can be found under the Tutors tab.

Welfare Team

In addition to the Tutors we have a Welfare Team consisting of Welfare Advisers and a Registered Nurse.

The Welfare Advisers are Emily Farrar, Anna Reali (Health Centre) and Rev. Tim Harling (Cloister 2). All are highly trained and experienced at supporting others with any welfare issues. 

The College Nurse, Alex Green (Health Centre, Cripps Court) is an experienced nurse who is able to support with a wide range of physical health and welfare issues. She is available to attend to injuries and minor illnesses, to give wellbeing advice and information, and to liaise with other health professionals. 



01223 335562

Official Fellow
Dean of Chapel
Head of Welfare
Cloister 2


(01223) 335618



01223 335578

College Nurse
College Health Centre, Cripps Court


01223 335569

Welfare Adviser/Mental Health Nurse
College Health Centre, Cripps Court


01223 768513

Welfare Adviser/Counsellor
College Health Centre, Cripps Court

There are a number of student resources and sources of support available in the local area, which you may find of use.  The Welfare team can direct you to these, but below are a few examples.

Student Guide to Health care: is a website written by local GPs providing useful information on health care.  The University Counselling Service website offers self-help guides for many mental health conditions, information about groups and workshops and an online application form to apply for therapy/counselling.  Contact the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) for support, information and advice on disability matters.  The DRC can assist with questions relating to funding, screening, support and reasonable adjustments. Email the DRC or phone 01223 332301 and ask for an appointment. the Students' Union Advice Service