Fellows' High Table

The High Table during term is located in the Cripps Dining Hall in Cripps Court and in the Armitage room outside of full term. During the Christmas period the kitchens will be closed and therefor no meals served from after lunch on Tuesday 23rd December until breakfast on Friday 2nd January 2015.

Meal times

Meal Opening Hours Days
Self-service lunch 12:30pm - 1:45pm Monday - Friday (Saturday's on request)
Served dinner 7.30pm every day except Saturday


Booking is not necessary for lunch (with the exception of Saturday) however if you are bringing guests please book these in by telephoning the Catering or Butlers office, or by emailing the Butlers office or a member of the catering management team, or by filling out the book in the SCR.

Fellows must book for dinner in advance by 2.00pm on the day of dining by telephoning the Catering or Butlers offices, or by emailing the Butlers office or a member of the catering management team, or by filling out the book in the SCR.

Offfice Telephone Email
Butler's office 01223 335595 butlers@queens.cam.ac.uk
Catering office 01223 335592 info@queensconferences.com


Senior Combination Room (SCR)

Dining Members are welcome in term to join the Fellows in the Senior Combination Room (SCR) after Lunch or Dinner.   A choice of teas, coffees and hot chocolate are available from the two dispensers on the servery at the far end of the SCR.  There is a selection of newspapers and magazines and a few current reference books on the table and shelves behind the coffee pots.

Gowns are not worn at lunch time.  A black* gown (no hood) should be worn in the SCR in the evening immediately before Dinner, at High Table and in the SCR after Dinner.  Scarlet may be worn on scarlet days as indicated in the University Diary. 

 There are no particular seating arrangements during or after lunch - you may join any group or table but after dinner the company generally rearranges itself in the SCR or OSR so you should find yourself sitting next to someone you did not have a chance to talk to during the meal.  The presiding Fellow should act as host to facilitate this.

 There is no formal end to the proceedings in the SCR.  Guests should feel free to depart whenever they wish.

 On Thursdays during term recombination often takes place in the Old SCR on the far side of Cloister Court.

 Please note that it is not appropriate for guests to bring their own wine to High Table or to the SCR.

 *Except for the Fellow Benefactors who should wear their green gown