Room allocation

Queens' College provides three years of accommodation for undergraduate students. 

Prospective first year undergraduates will be asked to indicate their preference for the different types of accommodation likely to be available to them via a web link. As far as possible, rooms will then be allocated in August according to these choices, with a random mix of gender and subjects in all buildings. It is impossible to guarantee that the College will be able to satisfy everyone's preferences though and students may find they have been allocated a room which is not one of their top choices. The majority of first year undergraduates are housed in bedsits in Cripps Building, the most modern of the Queens' buildings on the main site.

Second year students will be asked to indicate their preference for the different types of accommodation  via a web link.  Rooms are allocated according to the position they draw in a random room ballot, with some people choosing to share a room set in order to obtain bigger rooms for the same price as a smaller single.

Third year students will be asked to indicate their preference for the different types of accommodation via a web link. Their ballot position is determined by reversal of the ballot positions in the previous year, with priority given to those who shared in their second year.

Students who require four years of College-provided undergraduate residence will be offered the opportunity to apply for College accommodation away from the central site through the graduate room ballot process. Details of this ballot are circulated in April/May each year.

We have a selection of pricing bands. There are 5 charges which in 2020/21 range from £1320.00  to £2880.00 per quarter

Further details can be found here 

Capacity Plan by Household

How to read room charts

Students should note that room availability may change each year. Up to date lists will be posted both on line and in Cloister Court prior to the ballot.

Charges will be updated once they have been agreed for the forthcoming academic year.

General information

The character of the rooms on the central site varies greatly depending on the building although all have central heating, washing facilities and close access to showers, toilets and basic kitchens (gyp rooms). An increasing number of rooms also have en-suite facilities but the level of demand for these is such that it is not possible to provide en-suite accommodation to all students who request it.

Bedrooms are typically furnished with a single bed, wardrobe, drawers, shelves, desk, office chair, study lamp, bedside table, bedside lamp, easy chair/s and waste paper bin. An exact room inventory will be available to students on arrival.

Each room has a duvet, pillow, pillow protector and mattress protector provided. Bed linen is not provided although a pack can be ordered to be in your room on arrival. You will be asked if you want to order a bedding pack as part of the accommodation allocation process.

Internet connection is available in all central site rooms.

All bedrooms are, as decided by the JCR, centrally heated during the 70-day periods of residence in the Michaelmas and Lent terms and students must pay appropriate central heating charges. Details of these and other charges are available in the document "Schedule of Fees and Charges to Members".

Gyp rooms (kitchens) are available in all buildings on site. Gyp rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and electric rings and are only intended to provide for light cooking. No ovens are provided and self catering is not encouraged on the central site.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served cafeteria-style in the Buttery in the Cripps Dining Hall every weekday during term. The Buttery is open to all College members (not just those living on the central site). On Saturdays and Sundays a brunch is served instead of a separate breakfast and lunch. In addition to the Buttery, a Formal Hall dinner is served most evenings with waitress service. Food is also available in the College bar and conservatory.

View a typical cafeteria menu.