Dr Thomas Forster

Dr Thomas Forster, MA (UEA) PhD (Cantab); Bye-fellow in Pure Mathematics, Assistant Director of Studies (Part III)

My primary role in College is that of resident Pure Mathematician, with particular responsibility for directing studies for Part III Mathematics. However, given that I also supervise Computer Science, lecture for the Linguistics faculty, and have an MA in Philosophy, I can be regarded as a resource for students in College working in any of those areas and I welcome such interaction.


My first degree was in Philosophy with a minor in History of Music; I then did an MA in Philosophy, qualified as a Neurophysiology technician, then did a Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic (Set Theory, specifically Set theory with a Universal Set). It is in this last area that most of my research energies are concentrated. For more details look at my home page at dpmms: https://www.dpmms.cam.ac.uk/~tf/


I am semi-retired from being an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics where I still sometimes lecture.

Personal interests

Music; I once played Garcia Lorca's piano. I have dual citizenship (UK and NZ) and I have a share in a truffle farm in the North Island of New Zealand.

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  • Bye-Fellow
  • Assistant Director of Studies in Mathematics (Part III)